Combining world-class expertise (treatments & coaching), evidence-based techniques, cutting-edge wellbeing technology and sophisticated health analysis tools, I provide services that will genuinely optimise your health & wellbeing (physical, mental and emotional), success, happiness and overall quality of life.

Either working 1:1 with clients or in private groups, I offer the following range of services (either as part of a structured programme or as individual components):

  • Bio-Energetics treatment sessions – enhances physical, mental and emotional health, healing and deep relaxation
  • Coaching sessions – Mindfulness, Meditation & Positive Psychology techniques. The extensive evidence proves these life-skills are the best thing you can do in life for a huge range of benefits.
  • Wellbeing & Health consultations
  • Cumulative Health & Wellbeing planning & structured, guided programmes
  • ‘Heart Rate Variability’ analytics, evaluation and report, using the world’s leading ‘health-wearable’ technology of this type. Note – this is not a Fitbit and goes far beyond that. 96% user recommendation. 82% improve quality of life, wellbeing, stress, exercise and sleep
  • Private client day rates
  • Private group courses, events & workshops – 1 & 2 days or longer
  • Private group residential events & retreats at elite venues
  • Corporate services

I work internationally, travelling to clients. I also offer video-based services and support.

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