My corporate programmes provide a practical introduction to mindfulness & meditation, enabling access to the vast range of evidence-based business, performance and personal benefits. My approach is entirely modern, secular (non-religious) and practical.

I have experience of providing programmes & coaching to many leading businesses such as Unilever, Metro Bank, Deloitte’s, PwC, M3 Consulting + individuals up to CEO and C-suite level. I also work extensively with high profile and HNW private clients globally.

“In some ways, in the financial world, it is a must” (referring to mindfulness & meditation).
Philip Hildebrand – Vice Chairman, BlackRock (as quoted in Financial Times article)

“We are convinced of the benefits of Mindfulness… We have been surprised at the significant outcomes”
Quotes from Unilever PLC (following delivery by me of a UK wide, multi site, multi-programme Mindfulness pilot). This pilot found significant beneficial outcomes across a range of professional, workplace and health-related markers.

There are three main areas of evidence-based benefit relevant to businesses and their staff:
1. Stronger staff health & wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional)
2. Enhanced cognitive function and personal performance
3. Better overall business performance and achievement

The health & wellbeing benefits (physical, mental and emotional) include:
• Stress and anxiety reduction & management/improved mental health
• Greater emotional & mental resilience
• Lowering of high blood pressure/improved cardiovascular health
• Stronger immune system and overall better health
• Greater energy and vitality
• Improved sleep & quality of sleep
• Natural weight management
• Reduction of risk factors for heart disease, stroke and related conditions
• Pain management
• Youth enhancement and greater longevity
• Better management of ADHD and attention issues
• Management of Diabetes and other long term conditions

The business-specific benefits include:
• Significantly enhanced cognitive function – better memory, concentration, focus, clarity, learning ability, creativity, problem solving and decision-making
• Stronger Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
• Enhanced management skills, better communication and working relationship skills
• Emotional, mental and physical resilience

In terms of wider business benefits, these can extend to:
• Reduced costs of staff absenteeism resulting from illness, stress related illness and injury
• Enhanced productivity
• Improvement of existing work skills
• Greater overall staff wellbeing
• Improved job satisfaction
• Reduction of health insurance costs

“Meditation, more than anything else, is responsible for whatever success I have”
Ray Dalio – Founder, Bridgewater (the world’s largest hedge fund) in FT article.

My programmes are designed for those with little or no experience of mindfulness – they are effective, professional but also easy, ‘light touch’ and enjoyable. My approach is entirely secular and is completely focused on a straightforward, practical, evidence-based and down to earth coaching that aims to enhance performance, business skills, health (physical and mental), wellbeing and cognitive function.

The programmes are suitable for all ages. They do not involve sitting on the floor and are designed around modern life – they are informal, relaxed and enjoyable, whilst being completely professional. All programmes are very easy to run in-house and just require a suitable room, with enough space for chairs for all participants (no sitting on the floor).

I also provide 1:1 coaching and remote coaching options (video, phone) as back up to initial face to face coaching.

“How to succeed in business – Meditate”.
Fortune magazine

Programme content & formats
Programmes are delivered with flexible formats and content and are tailored to client requirements. All programmes focus on the strong value of practical, experiential learning, via face to face coaching and can be backed up with optional ongoing support, additional coaching, programme notes and audio resources.

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